AutoCom CDP + is a new generation diagnostic equipment in the new industrial housing with new features and capabilities and improved performance thanks to a more powerful hardware. Equipment has Bluetooth (up to 30 meters) with diagnostic software installed on PC or any tablet with operating system or it can be connected with a USB cable. 

new generation


Bluetooth connection with support autosearch and automatic setting (Bluetooth Direct)
Support of connection with USB cable
OBD connector with built in LED light DLC for easy finding of DLC connector
Online software update
Improved performance, thanks to more powerful hardware
Extensive diagnostic capabilities
Integrated help and tips and optional repair / maintenance database
Built in Bluetooth antenna in the equipment main unit
The new multicolour indicator and sound advice shows all hardware functional statuses
Running data recorder Flight Recordeing with selected parameters from any selected control unit (ECU)
Comprehensive coverage of commercial, heavy duty and passenger cars
Modern and ergonomic design and full mobility of the equipment
USB security key for software protecting and program installation auto configuration

TECHNICAL advantages