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We live in ever changing times!!. Not only is the car undergoing significant changes, but the role of the car is changing as well. Families, companies, and the rest of our society are dramatically changing the behavior and usage of cars. The automotive repair workshop industry is following; it is evolving as well since cars and customer behaviors change. 

Advancements in car technology are also exploding. Batteries charge quicker and lasting longer, 5G plus the Internet of Things (IoT) allow sensors to communicate data, AI allows companies like Google to analyze it. Data about the car and its usage are becoming increasingly important for owning, managing, and servicing vehicles.

ICON is packed with functions that enable you to plan and perform service more quickly, from the moment that the customer enters the workhop, to diagnosis and repair and to the customer leaving your workshop.

This is made possible by functions like AutoVIN, Security Gateway and Quick Connect Bluetooth, to mention a few. Our comprehensive and evolving database of vehicles has anideal width and depth.

With 23 different electrical brands in CARS and 10 in TRUCKS, ICON give the user a great diagnostic solution. The mechanic can effortlessly identify the majority of makes, models and problems.

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exclusive of vaT
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Security Gateway Access
EV coverage included
ADAS software included
Passthru/ J2534 compatible
OE Data
CAN-FD compatible
Guided diagnostics included
Flight recorder
Data export (.CSV)
AutoVIN search
Replaceable 16 Pin cable
LED status indicator
WIFI / Bluetooth / USB

TECHNICAL advantages

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