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The BT100W is a battery tool that gives users the efficiency of a plug-and-play tool and the robust data analysis of a high-tech digital tester. The BT100W brings versatility to every garage because it can function as a standalone battery tester and run a variety of tests. Users can tap into the device’s app for more advanced functions, enhanced data analysis, and view or save battery test reports in a separate folder. The versatility of the BT100W even extends into the number of languages the tool operates in. Users can select from eight languages to operate the BT100W device and nine languages from the BT100W app.

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Run battery tests through the BT100W tool or app
• Receive accurate test results in seconds
• Run battery tests, cranking tests, charging tests, and system
tests for 12V lead acid batteries
• Automatically generated test reports
• Robust battery library
• Data Synchronization: When running tests through the app,
users can view the testing data from the BT100W on their
phone simultaneously
• Test Record Synchronization: Once the device is connected to
the app via Bluetooth, the test reports that have been saved on
the device will be synchronized to the app’s test report library
• Multilingual Support: Eight languages are available within the
(EN/FR/ES/DE/IT/PT/RU/JP); Nine languages are available on
the APP side (CN/EN/FR/ES/DE/IT/PT/RU/JP).


• Bluetooth: 5.0 (range: 33feet/10m)
•Working Voltage: @DC 9V~18V
• Clamp Cable Length: 800mm (31.5 inches)
•Working Temperature: -10°C~55°C (14°F~131°F)
• Storage Temperature: -20°C~75°C (-4°F~167°F)
• Dimensions: 136.5*75.5*22.5 mm (5.37*2.97*0.89 inches)
• Net Weight: 246g (8.68 oz)

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