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OSCA diagnostic tool is unique and one of the very first devices of their kind! Cloud base diagnostics come with no complicated software install or updates, just live in depth diagnostics and programming at your fingertips via scripts and live technicians. It completes jobs that other tools can't and when something fails, our team is on hand to talk you through the issue to get it rectified.

This is Wifi/CAT5e enabled, DoIP and CanFD ready cable, that will be sold alongside our current cable.

Instead of being plugged directly into a USB port, this cable can now connect to the internet via Wifi or an ethernet cable. Once connected to the local network (or tethering network), you can open our OSCA app (android only) or go direct to where you can log in to your account from any device. Once logged in, select your cable ID and the rest will be similar to the previous app. Ability to connect directly via the website is a great addition, as you no longer need an android device to run the tool.

OSCA 2.0 is the new and improved diagnostic tool that will supersede the previous OSCA unit.

OSCA 2.0

exclusive of vaT
OSCAV2-Animated osca.gif

Key programming 

Our skilled auto locksmiths can programme car keys remotely using a combination of tools to make sure the job gets completed.


pull pin codes 

Fed up of waiting for PIN cods to come back from the dealer? OSCA can now pull a number of pin codes directly via the OBD.


diagnostic faults 

Having an issue completing diagnostic programming yourself? Our team can use a combination of machines to find the fault and complete the job for you.


other functions 

OSCA does not just stop at key programming. Our team have completed a number of adhoc tasks such as tow bar programming. BSI remote change configurations and electronic stering lock programming.


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Easy to use
Plug the OBD cable into the vehicle, select the vehicle and speak to a technician to complete the work.
No complicated updates
Everything is updated in the cloud, you don't need to do anything but connect your tool to the car and internet.
Cloud based
Many tools require large regular downloads to keep everything up to date, but not with OSCA! Everything is in the cloud ready to go.
Low cost 
OSCA has a low starting cost and you pay as you go depending on the service you require. You don't have any update or software costs.
Hybrid of diagnostic tools
A combination of diagnostic solutions makes OSCA the hybrid of diagnostic tools.
Live technician
A live technician completes your diagnostic work. leaving the job stress free for you!
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