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The Phoenix Lite 2 is TOPDON’s new compact pro-level scan tool. This tool is designed to be streamlined and deployable. When technicians have jobs outside the shop or jobs need to be resolved fast, the Phoenix Lite 2 is the perfect tool for the job. With a robust array of special functions, online coding, and broad vehicle coverage, this versatile scan tool clears up jobs faster and gets shops moving. Generate the most complete diagnostic reports with advanced scanning functions and Bluetooth battery testing compatibility. Do more in less time with the Phoenix Lite 2.

Phoenix Lite 2 V4.png
exclusive of vaT
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• Support Online Coding Function
• Full System Diagnostics for 200+ Vehicle Makes
• Records & Graphs Live Data
• Reads VIN & ECU Information
• Runs Active Tests
• Performs 28+ Special Functions
• VAG Guided Function
• Auto Auth for FCA Gateway Access
• Read & Clear Fault Codes

Display: LCD 8-Inch, 1280 * 800
CPU 4-Core Processor, 2.0 GHz
Android 10.0
RAM: 2G, ROM 32G
Battery: 12600 mAh / 3.8V
Working Temperature: 0°C~50°C (32°F~122°F)
Dimension: 258*183*50.5 mm (10.16*7.20*1.99 inches)
Net Weight: 1184 grams (2.61 lbs.)
Multilingual Support: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, phoenixlite2Italian, Korean, Chinese(tra-ditional), Hungarian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Finnish

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