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The T120A ensures a stable and reliable power supply for prolonged diagnostic sessions and ECU programming tasks. This capability becomes especially crucial when working with luxury vehicles such as BMW and Benz, where the T120A's maximum current of 120A comes into play. Say goodbye to interruptions caused by fluctuating power sources. The T120A delivers voltage and current consistency to keep your operations running smoothly.

Tornado 90000

exclusive of vaT
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. Ensure stable voltage output for BMW, BENZ, and other
automotive repairs and programming
. Adjustable current and voltage for accurate charging
. 3 Charging modes: stable power supply, battery, or lithium battery
. 9-step charging: extend battery life with patented charging
. Safety First: Built-in safety features for worry-free charging
. Export charging report including mode, consumption, time, and
. Enhanced LCD Display: real-time display charging power, voltage,
and current
. 5m battery clamps

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