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The Tornado90000 is TOPDON's newest cutting-edge smart charger, made for professional and commercial users. This device is suitable for all types of 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries, with a wide battery capacity range from 5 to 90 amps. The Tornado90000 features a current/voltage edit function and supplies users with the needed protection for batteries through its 9-step smart charging method and 6 charging modes. SUPPLY Mode provides a stable DC output and can be used as a programming voltage stabilizer.

Tornado 90000

exclusive of vaT
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· 6 Charging Modes
· 9-Step Smart-Charging
· Extended KOEO Diagnostics
· 3-year warranty
· Protects Against Short Circuits, Over Voltages, Over Charges,
Reverse Polarities, and Over Temperatures

- Input Voltage: 100-130V or 200-240V
- Output Current: 12V 5-90A 24V 5-45A
- Charging Mode: 12V/24V Mode: SUP/NORM/COLD/BOOST/REP
- Applicable Batteries: 20-2800Ah
- Clip Type: 1 Pole Clamp
- AC Cable Length: 5ft 10 in cable with AWG18# Input
- Clip Cord Length: Positive AWG4#, 7.2ft, Negative AWG4#, 7.2ft
-Waterproof Rating: IP20
Air-cooled, built-in fan

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